Building Strong Family Bounds thoughts Seven Amazing Activities

Building Strong Family Bonds

Summer vacations are right around the corner, and as we get ready for a summer of sunshine and smiles, let’s acknowledge the fact that this is the time to strengthen family bonds while making lasting memories. To that end, we have put together an exciting list of activities that will arrest the interest and attention of everyone; from tots to teens!  Once you explore these engaging summer vacation activities with us, believe us, there will be no dull moments this summer and all of you will be able to spend quality time laughing, bonding and enjoying with family. 

Take a look at these activities that embody the essence and vibrancy of Family Day celebrations. These are some of the coolest ways to beat the heat with fun.

1. Cooking and Eating Together

Imagine those good old vacation days when you would wake up to the aroma of Malpuas and you would simply run to the kitchen to eat them fresh (only for maa to tell you off to brush your teeth first!)

Besides eating, preparing a delicious meal together can be an exciting family bonding activity. You can try out some family recipes and let those delicacies tingle your taste buds while you chit-chat over meals. 

2. Movie Night

Transform your living room into a cinema by setting up a cosy seating area with blankets, throw pillows, etc. Choose a movie that all of you can enjoy together and let the fun begin. Make sure that the popcorn supply doesn’t fall short! A movie night with comfy pyjamas and your kid’s favourite snacks feels as dreamy as it sounds!

3. Story Time 

Story Time works like magic to bring families closer and whisk them away into a world of fantasy and dreams. The entire family can gather around a campfire or simply snuggle up together and share interesting stories. From fairy tales to thrilling adventures, you can choose any genre that appeals to your interests and imagination. 

4. Picnic Time

No matter how much technology advances and YouTube comes up with new and exciting series, the charm of picnics can never ebb. Pack a basket full of goodies and go down to the nearest park. You can play outdoor games, catch a shut eye under the shade of a tree and enjoy some homemade snacks as you all unwind and connect with nature.

5. Arts and Crafts

Arouse your child’s curiosity and creativity with some cool and quirky hands-on DIY crafts that are super creative and entertaining. This won’t just help you nurture your child’s artistic talents but will also allow you to bond over art and craft. 

You can explore engaging and skill-enhancing Art and Craft Series brought out by Viva Education.

6. Volunteering

As your child will be on a break from school, you can use this time to teach them about the value of kindness and compassion by engaging in volunteer activities together. From serving meals to going for a charity run, there is a lot you can do to instil ethics and positive values in your child.

7. Enjoy Festivities Together

The rich cultural heritage of our country is something that inadvertently binds us. From making Rangoli on Diwali to painting the town red on Holi, our festive traditions and rituals are perfect for making priceless memories.

Before the sun sets on this summer vacation, the above-mentioned family activities will give you a chance to treasure some amazing memories. From chilling by the beach to enjoying your favourite movies together, we truly believe that these activities will turn your holidays into a summer to remember. All these experiences that you will gain by spending quality time with family will deepen your connection with your kids and they will have golden memories to get back to when they grow up! So, let’s gear up and turn this summer into one for the books.

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