Unplug and Learn: Best Books for a Screen-free Summer for Kids

Best Books for a Screen-free Summer for Kids

Imagine the joy of spending sunny days under the cool shade of a lush tree while reading your favourite book! Feels magical, right? In this blog, we will help you unravel the magic of learning with our selection of the best books for kids to make the best of a screen-free summer! From the charms of a picture dictionary to some engaging art and craft fun, these books will arrest your child’s attention and make screen-free fun irresistible for them. So, let’s set forth a literary journey that will let you and your little one enrich their academic abilities while making golden memories all summer long.

Importance of Reducing Screen Time

Here are some pointers for your reference that will elucidate the importance of reducing screen time for kids.

Boosts Creativity

Did you know that 42% of children under the age of 12 spend up to 4 hours a day glued to screens? You can help your kids unleash their creativity and imagination by reducing screen time. They can tap into skills like creative play and storytelling, stimulating their minds in unique ways.

Works Wonders for Physical Health

Excessive screen time causes sedentary behaviour which isn’t a good lifestyle for growing bodies. With reduced screen hours, children are encouraged to play outside, ride a bike, or just run around. Such physical activities resonate with the improvement of their overall health and development.

Hones Social Skills

Spending less time on screens encourages children to interact face-to-face with one another. This is instrumental in developing better communication, stronger relationships and social skills. 

Results in Regular Sleep Patterns

The habit of watching TV or mobile phones, especially before bed, can interfere with your child’s sleep. The blue light emitted by screens has the potential to damage their natural sleep cycle. So, if your child’s attention is diverted from the screen, particularly in the evening, it can lead to a better sleep routine. 

Benefits of Reading

Take a look at some of the most noteworthy benefits of reading for children:

Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Reading is like a workout for the brain! When kids read a good book, they don’t just enjoy a story, but in fact, enhance their cognitive abilities. Besides improving their vocabulary, it also helps improve their critical thinking skills. 

Improves Concentration 

If your child develops the habit of regular reading, it can improve their concentration levels and problem-solving abilities. This enables them to tackle schoolwork like a pro! 

Acquaints Children with the World of Emotions 

Books are gateways to different worlds and emotions. As children read, they meet different characters with diverse feelings and experiences. This increases their emotional intelligence as they learn to identify and manage their own emotions better.

Some Amazing Book Recommendations for Your Little One

Check out these books to get your children away from screens. Trust us, these will be stellar reads for your child in the summer.

For Foundational Stage:


Picture Dictionary 

This book introduces basic words through interesting themes and vibrant illustrations that make learning fun and effective!

the Alphabet book

The Alphabet Book

This book is packed with fun activities that blend learning and play. The colourful pictures and letter formations are a perfect way for young learners to master the ABCs.

For Foundational, Preparatory and Middle Stages:

Read Now book

Read Now

Unlock your child’s academic potential with Read Now, which will spark a love for reading with interesting stories, poems and vivid illustrations. These books are a potent way to make learning both effective and enjoyable.

Prefect Vocabulary Book

Perfect Vocabulary 

Enhance your child’s word skills with Perfect Vocabulary. It is a practice book filled with standard and unique words to supplement classroom learning. This book aims to help students the use of master dictionary use while fostering a lifelong love for new vocabulary.

Prefect Spelling Book

Perfect Spelling

Perfect Spelling offers various exercises to help children learn the art of basic spelling skills. The focus on word patterns can be of great help in boosting spelling skills.

Speed Math Books

Speed Maths 

Speed Maths boosts mental maths skills with fun and quick calculation tricks. Aligned with the NCERT guidelines this book is perfect for revision and homework.

For Middle Stage

Viva Classics

Specially designed for student readers, the Viva Classics series helps young readers appreciate and enjoy classic works of literature and also assists in studying these books as long reading texts prescribed in the CBSE curriculum. These can be great reading companions for kids and also great additions to every home library.

Some Art and Craft Fun:

Colours & Craft Book

Colours & Craft

This is an eight-book series that has excellent arts and crafts activities for pre-primary and primary kids. All the activities in this series are thoughtfully designed to enhance creativity and build self-esteem in children.


Little Hands

Little Hands is a delightful seven-book series to teach children about various arts and crafts techniques independently. These books are perfect for aspiring young minds to reach their creative potential!

Practical Tips for Encouraging Reading

Want to get your curious kid lost in the magic of books? Here are some fun ways to turn reading time into an exciting journey

Create a Cozy and Beautiful Reading Corner

Transform a corner of your home into a reading nook with a comfortable study table, ample lighting and a lot of engaging books. This special spot can be like your child’s den to curl up with a good book.

Have Fun with Books as a Family Activity

Set aside some time each day when the whole family reads together. You can either read aloud, do arts and crafts or play a little spelling game. Besides instilling a love for reading and learning in kids, it is a great way to strengthen family bonds as well.

Include Books in Everyday Routine

Bring books to your child’s daily routines. You can get them to do some art after breakfast or read to them before bedtime. Once they get a hang of it, try carrying a book wherever you go, so that your child is tempted to read at any given opportunity.


We hope you enjoyed reading through this treasure trove of books that will help your child experiment with the awesome world of reading this summer. This won’t just help you reduce the screen time but will also give wings to their imagination, creativity and learning.

Come along. Let us embark on the priceless adventure of reading and watch your child’s curiosity flourish as you enable them to enjoy a summer filled with the magic of stories and the warmth of unforgettable moments. After all, the journey of reading is a gift that never loses its riveting charm and fascination.

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